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Our story

Ingrid Svanfeldt’s Svanfeldtmedia was founded in 2007. Stefan Svanfeldt started his entrepreneurial carrier in 2008 with Bisamedia. Ingrid Svanfeldt is a journalist with a masters degree in media and communication from Helsinki university. Before Svanfeldtmedia she worked as a journalist for the Finnish broadcasting company Yle, for the Swedish-speaking news program Tv-nytt. Stefan Svanfeldt is a cultural producer and product manager. Stefan’s Bisamedia was founded as a music recording studio business, but later Stefan Svanfeldt worked as a photographer and editor for Svanfeldtmedia’s TV productions. From 2005 onward he built the couples music- and tv-editing studio next to their house in Siuntio. 


In 2006 Ingrid Svanfeldt creates an educational concept, Video i klassen (Video in the classroom), which becomes popular among teachers around Finland. In 2006-2013 Ingrid Svanfeldt's Svanfeldtmedia works with Video i klassen- courses and film festivals together with Cityfolkhögskolan (later Axxell) vocational school. During the same period, Svanfeldtmedia, in collaboration with Stefan Svanfeldt's Bisamedia, sells in-depth news- and current affairs-programs to Yle’s current affairs tv-programs Närbild and OBS. They also produce radio programmes and shorter videos for companies, municipalities and organizations. In 2016 Ingrid Svanfeldt gets a teacher diploma from Helsinki university and starts working part time as a teacher in television- and radio and freelance journalism, at the University of Haaga - Helia in Helsinki and from 2015 onwards mainly at the Swedish-speaking journalism program at the Swedish School of Social science at the university of Helsinki. 


Ingrid Svanfeldt has taken part in many international projects such as a trip to the Republic of Tuva in Russia 2013 or the European Year of Volunteering in Latvia 2011-2012, the EU project for diversity in media, MEDIANE and a co-operation with a Portuguese radio journalist in Portugal in 2014 and an Internet café for refugees, which was organized in Svanfeldtmedia's and Bisamedia's studio in 2015-2016 by the local Sjundby traditionsförening. 


Stefan Svanfeldt has throughout his professional life worked with import of audio- and video equipment and in 2018 Svanfield Oy is founded. Svanfield brings together both our expertise in import and media and our media production, everything under the same roof.

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